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Project Box Developed Android App Pocketbooth turns your Android device into a vintage photobooth.
Meticulously designed to emulate the experience of a 1950s-era Model 11 Photobooth, Pocketbooth is as beautiful to look at as it is fun to use. Pocketbooth perfectly replicates the intimacy, spontaneity, and hilarity of a traditional photobooth. Take it to your next party and watch as your friends strike a pose.

Pocketbooth Android App Download.turns your Android device into a vintage photobooth,
Pocketbooth Android App Download.

Pocketbooth Android App Download
Version 1.2 enhances front-facing camera support for phones running Gingerbread (Android 2.3) and select phones running pre-Gingerbread versions of Android including HTC EVO 4G, Samsung Epic 4G, Samsung Galaxy S (GT I9000M), Motorola Atrix, and the Xoom.
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Pocketbooth Android App Download

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Sudoku Samurai

Sudoku Samurai android
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A hand-crafted masterpiece by the sudoku lovers.
Sudoku Samurai comes to Android devices in this beautiful implementation of the popular game. Lose yourself in hours of satisfying sudoku puzzle solving. Beautiful art and music make this game you'll want to relax with when it's time to unwind. A hand-crafted masterpiece by the sudoku lovers at Sungift Games.??
Sudoku Samurai Android Game Download
Sudoku Samurai Android Game

Sudoku Samurai Android Game Features
Experience popular Sudoku game, play 10,000 sudoku puzzles on Classic 9x9 and Samurai (Gattai-5) boards.
Four different skill levels. For advanced puzzle solving, try Samurai (Gattai-5) puzzles to challenge your sudoku solving skills.
Autosave game. You don't need to worry if you don't have much time to play. It will automatically save all unfinished games.
Automatic or manual pencil marks.
Select from 14 background sets, choice of digit styles, including Kanji.
Play in landscape or portrait mode.

Sudoku Samurai Android Game Download

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Highway Rider

Highway Rider
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Speed junkies, slap on your helmet and experience some high-octane action! Zoom down the open highway and try to pass closely without crashing. Be stupidly irresponsible by breaking all your bones.
- Tilt to Steer your Bike- Drive Close to Vehicles to Score- Embrace the High Speeds!
In Highway Rider, being daring and passing close to vehicles increases your speed and your score. Be careful with your maneuvering though, crashing hurts! Collect pictures of your crushing accidents. Customize your own rider to give them a personal touch!

Achievements and leaderboards coming soon!

Highway Rider Android Game Download.
Which would you like to see in the next update, let us know!
- Police Outrun Mode- Deeper Character Customization Options- Different Roads and Bikers
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Highway Rider Android Game Download.

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Adobe Flash Player 11

Adobe Flash Player 11 for android
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Requires Android: 2.2 and upSize:4.5MBV11.0.1.153 update:Adobe Flash Player includes performance improvements and bug fixes related to security and stability. The complete set of release notes can be found at: http://adobe.ly/qkkFgX
Bring the FULL web to your device with Flash Player- videos, games, apps & more
Flash Player enables a complete web browsing experience.
NOTE: Please check with your device manufacturer or carrier to ensure you have the latest firmware update for your device. For Android 3 tablet devices, we highly recommend that you update your OS to Android 3.1 to ensure that Flash Player delivers the best experience possible.
For optimal performance and the most immersive experience on Android 3.1 tablets, view Flash Player delivered content in full screen by using the menu buttons provided by content providers, or by tapping content once followed by a long tap to bring down a button in the upper left corner which can be tapped to enable full screen mode.
A list of Flash Player certified devices can be found at: www.adobe.com/go/cd1.
By clicking “Install” I agree to the License Agreement terms at http://adobe.com/go/eum. Manage your privacy settings at https://settings.adobe.com/flashplayer/mobile.

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Afirewall blocker v2.3.4

Afirewall blocker v2.3.4
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Afirewall blocker v2.3.4 Apk Download

aFirewall means Android Firewall. It allows you to configure multi rules to block different call or message at different time. Please contact me by email if you need to report issues. Thanks.1).Blocked conversation supports to block unknown/private/restricted/anonymous/blacklist calls/SMS/MMS;
2).Protected conversation supports to hide selected numbers' call/SMS/MMS;
3).Support to define rules to block different call/SMS/MMS at different time;
4).Two ways to avoid forwarding blocked calls to voicemail;
5). You can set Call Blocking Mode and Message Blocking Mode seperately;
6).Support to multi hangup mode. You can forward the blocked calls to voicemail or a non-existing number. And you can set aFirewall to accept and hangup blocked calls to avoid forwarding to voicemail.
7). Prefix wildcard supported;
8). SMS response to blocked call was supported;
9). Password setting is supported;
10). SMS keywords Block is supported;
11). Export and Import of black list, white list, settings and blocking record are supported.
12). Complete log for rejected calls/messages.

Android OS Requirements
1.6 and up

What's in this version:
  1. 3.1.5:
  2. Fix a rule switching bug; Please update it;
  3. 3.1.3:
  4. Fix SMS exception;
  5. 3.1.2:
  6. Fix notification icon flick bug;
  7. 3.1.0:
  8. 1. Add sanity test;
  9. 2. Update rule from time and to time to natural format;
  10. 3. Fix importing exception;
  11. 4. Fix notification bug;
  12. 5. Fix bug while blocking SMS;
  13. 6. Fix several other bugs;
  14. 7. Add to airplane mode and silence hangup mode;
File Size : 618 Kb

Download Afirewall blocker v2.3.4 Apk

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Message Cleanup v1.5

Message Cleanup v1.5
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Message Cleanup v1.5 Apk Download

Helps delete old sms messages.Speeds up unresponsive messaging applications.
Can delete messages over a certain age, keep a set number of recent or trim threads to a set size.
Auto cleanup deletes a SINGLE sms matching criteria when a NEW sms arrives. (Auto cleanup is not compatible with all devices unfortunately)
Click wrench to configure.
Does not delete messages stored in the "deleted" folder on some devices.
Locked SMS messages are deleted.
MMS messages are not deleted (only SMS).

Android OS Requirements
1.5 and up

What's in this version:
  1. Better support for high resolution devices.
File Size : 55 Kb

Download Message Cleanup v1.5 Apk

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SMS Commander v1.21

SMS Commander v1.21
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SMS Commander v1.21 Apk Download

Control your phone via text message with SMS Commander! Patent Pending!
*(Patent Pending)*
SMS Commander can:
- Find your silenced phone
- Lock your phone w/ SMS
- Get missed calls automatically
- Get a Google Map of your phone's location
- Get Battery Percentage
- Forwarding of text messages
We've all lost our cell phones. This application was designed to help you find your cell phone when you've left it somewhere on the silence or vibrate setting, and calling it seems hopeless. Using a secret password and a "command," you can tell your phone to set the volume to full loudness using an text message.

But that was only the beginning. Now this full-featured application provides a host of powerful commands that allows you to get the most from your Android™ phone when you are without it.
Basic Usage - Your Commander Code
You choose a special code that you can share with a trustworthy friend, that allows you to make use of SMS Commander via text message. To use a command, you need to enter:

your_password.example_command example_parameter

e.g.: if I wanted to get my mother's phone number from my phone, I would type the following in a text message to my phone:

MyAwesomePassword.getContact Mom

Within seconds, if my phone is on, I will receive my mother's phone number in a text message on the phone I used to text my phone.
Android OS Requirements
1.1 and up

What's in this version:
  1. Whats new in 1.3:
  2. password.spy
  3. allows you to listen in to whoever is near your phone!
  4. If someone steals your phone, and refusees to pick up your call, just send this new command.
  5. Your phone will call you, and set itself to speaker so you can hear him!
  6. Now pick up the phone and quickly mute it. You are now listening in on whoever is near your phone!
File Size : 707 Kb

Download SMS Commander v1.21 Apk

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Quick System Info v1.4.5

Quick System Info v1.4.5 
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Quick System Info  v1.4.5 Apk Download

Explore your system state betterQuick access of the basic system information for your Android platform, including information for CPU, memory, SD Card, running processes, network states and installed applications.
This is the ad-supported version of Quick System Info, which provides extra features like Live CPU/MEM Monitor, One-click Cache Cleaner, etc.
ADs can be removed by donations. Thanks for your support of this app.
Get a free unlock code for translation contributor. If you are interested, please contact the author.
* Widgets will not work if you install app to SD card *

Android OS Requirements
1.5 and up

What's in this version:
  1. Add option to hide status bar icons for notifications.
  2. Support transparency settings for widgets(you need recreate the widgets).
  3. Add Italian support, thanks to Enrico Caruso.
  4. Other minor fixing.
File Size : 264 Kb

Download Quick System Info v1.4.5 Apk

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Angry Birds Seasons: Summer Pignic! v1.5.1 (1.5.1)

Angry Birds Seasons: Summer Pignic! v1.5.1 (1.5.1) 
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Angry Birds Seasons: Summer Pignic! 1.5.1
Requirements: Android 2.0+
Overview: Angry Birds Seasons: Summer Pignic! 

Everyone else is enjoying picnics at the beach, but those pesky pigs never take a vacation!
Help the Angry Birds get their eggs back so they can finally enjoy their summer break!
Send summer greeting cards to your friends, and enjoy a new level every day for a month! The water's warm and the weather's fine, time to kick back and relax!

What's in this version:
  • 15 new levels
  • Brand new Summer Pignic Episode!
Download Instructions:

Mirrors :

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Dual Mount SD Widget v3.19

Dual Mount SD Widget v3.19
Tags: dual mount sd widget, dual mount sd widget apk, dual mount sd widget apk download, dual mount sd widget 3.23, dual mount sd widget android, dual.mount.sd.widget.v1.80.apk, dual mount sd widget 3.23 apk, dual mount sd widget download, dual mount sd widget v3.08, dual mount sd widget v3.03
Requirements: Android OS 1.5 - 2.3
Overview: This widget Modifies a setting that will allow you to mount your SD card to your phone and PC/Radio/ect at the same time.

*Do Not Use android auto mount option*
Option to auto Mount on USB Connection
Option to run MediaScanner on Unmount.
Changes may not reflect on both devices instantly but are there.
Contact on Twitter for added support
**Working on Galaxy S Bug**

**DO NOT Move Widgets tot he Sdcard, they will stop working**

What's in this version:
Fixed issue with some phones not allowing dismount

Download Instructions:


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